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  • What are the cost of our flavours/fragrances?
    We have a wide selection of flavours and fragrances in our library. Due to the different formulations and raw materials being used, the price may vary for each product. In addition, our price varies in accordance to the order scale. Hence for price sensitive projects, please kindly contact our sales personnel for more information (
  • What is your MOQ?
    Our MOQ ranges from 25-100kg, depending on the type (liquid/powder form) of flavours/fragrances selected.
  • Are your flavours halal certified?
    Majority of our flavours are halal certified and our factory meets the MUIS requirement based on the audit that is conducted annually.
  • What is the lead time for your order?
    The manufacturing of our products will take around 4-12 weeks depending on the raw material availability.
  • What is the shelf-life of your flavours/fragrances?
    Our standard shelf-life is 365 days for liquids, provided that they are stored ideally under the specific conditions stated in the product specifications. Do request for product specifications for details.
  • What are your flavours used for?
    Beverage (RTD, Juice, Canned drinks, 3-in-1 coffee, etc) Savoury (Processed meat, sauces, meat marination, snacks, etc) Sweet Goods (Confectionery, bakery, etc) Dairy (Bread, biscuits, etc) Yellow Fats (Margarine, etc)
  • What are your fragrances used for?
    Fine fragrance (EDT, EDP, cologne, etc) Personal Care (Shower gel, Shampoo, Lotion, etc) Air Care (Diffuser, humidifier, air freshener, etc) Household Products (Detergent, Dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioner, etc)
Applying Essential Oil

Univa Aromatics is a supplier of flavour, fragrance and ingredients, backed by more than 30 years of experience in creating and crafting innovative Flavours and Fragrances. Are you looking for Flavours used in Bakery & confectionery, or Fragrances used in cosmetics, personal care and household products? We share your desire for a solution tailored to fit your processes and serve your market.

Univa Aromatics gives you the assurance of international quality and safety standards. Our production facilities are certified to meet the HACCP, ISO 9001: 2015 and FSSC 22000 requirements. We’re missioned to provide functional effective products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value to our customers worldwide through continual improvement. As well as to ensure the highest food safety and hygiene standards from the receiving of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

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