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Yuzu Flavour

Yuzu Flavour


Yuzu Flavour  柚子香料

Liquid Flavouring for Bakery/Sauces

(available in bulk, enquire for quotation)


    Bakers and Chefs need good ingredients to make good food. They are essential building blocks to make your food taste fabulous. Just a couple of drops of this concentrate, and save time squeezing and extracting from the actual fruit, especially if you can't find the fruit itself. Our flavours are fragrant, high in concentration and perform very well even after high temperature bakes. You can assure that the cake stays fragrant even after storage! 

    Juicy, Fresh, Citrusy, its so good you can smell it right as you open the oven. As bakers ourselves, we have tested and proven in our own bakes, It produces high functioning aroma that gives a delightful impact, adding a whole new mouth-watering experience in your baked goods, cream fillings, frostings, jams, sauces and ice cream products.  

    Content: 1KG
    Dosage recommendation: Dosage: 0.04 - 0.06% (by calculation) 
    Highly Concentrated *Use with caution, an overdose might cause bitterness*
    Colour: Yellow Liquid
    Halal Suitable, Vegetarian Suitable, No Allergens, Oil-soluble
    Made Locally, Ships from Singapore.
    Packed in: HDPE JERRYCAN

    *note: use at a dosage of 0.04 to 0.05%, which also translates to 0.4g to 0.5g in 1kg of batter. 

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